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Matching Bonus(Binary Commission)

To Get Eligible for Binary Commission all associates need to Sponsor Minimum 2 Direct Associates i.e 1 Left & 1 Right.

Binary Ratio of First pair is 2:1 or 1:2 then from Second Pair 1:1 Onwards.

The Binary Income Per Pair is Rs 300/-

Capping 225 Pairs Per Closing per ID.


Monthly Instalments: 2000 * 12 EMI

For Full HD Nexas 32" LED, You have to Pay 2000/Month as EMI.

After Completion of 12th EMI, Associate will Get LED.

Direct Commission

To get Eligible for Direct Commission you need to active your account first with the minimum instalment of Rs 2000/-. After that you can sponsor any number of persons directly with you

What you will Get?

All Associates will get 10% as Commission of First Six EMI's & from 7th EMI onwards 5%commission from all Direct Sponsors.

How To Join Us

Online Registration is done through PIN System.

The new Associates may register through Offline payment by depositing the cash in our Bank Account.

Successful registration will be done only after confirmation of Payment.

If Any Associate fails to deposit 3 Regular EMI's, that account will be automatically blocked by the System.

After Successful registration, new Associate will have authorized Registration ID & Password to track his Business.

Online Receipt & Welcome Letter will be generated on successful Registration & will be available in Associate's profile.

For registration Details Contact us:

Company Name: Nexas Direct Pvt. LTD.

Bank Name : HDFC bank
Account No: 50200021017944
Branch: Sunder NAGAR Ludhiana
Ifsc Code: HDFC0000606