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Terms and Conditions

  1. To get rewards account holder’s need to pay minimum two instalments.
  2. To get rewards minimum 80% instalments must be deposited timely.
  3. All account holder’s have to deposit their instalment till 15th of every month to get eligible for all lucky draws and other rewards.
  4. Any account holder whose instalment is not deposited with the company he/she is responsb4e for hisTher lucky draws,
  5. Any account holder who has not given the instalment or any agent who has kept the instalment of any account holder with himself will not be eligible for any kicky draw.
  6. Two instalments are mandatory to get eligible for rewards,
  7. All payouts should be given after deducting TDS as per Govt.. rules.
  8. Only Ex-showroom price of all rewards will be considered by the company.
  9. Company can change any terms 8 conditions with their sole discretion power.
  10. For further information visit our website
  11. Any dispute will be subjected to Ludhiana Jurisdiction.